Newsletter, JANUARY 17, 2015

Brenda and LeRoy were our hosts for the January meeting, we want to thank them for a wonderful job, and the enchiladas were very delicious, thanks again.

Gary S. and Sandy F. were our lucky winners of the 50/50, as usual Gary turned his winnings back to the club.

Lois informed us of the up-coming Polar Plunge, which will be the 28th of February.  The Plunge will start at 11 o?clock, there will be bleachers for us to set and watch the brave participants.  This will be held at the Riverside Discovery Center.  Lois and Al and Dennis and Sharon are very active with the organization that puts this event on.

Our President passed out information sheets that he would like us to fill out and return this to him, these are for emergency use only in case one of us should need help while we are away from home.  This information can be given to the EMTS that are there to see that we are taken care of.  I for one have always felt this wasn?t necessary but thanks to Lois and Al?s explanations and visiting with our son who is an EMT I am glad to be able to fill out this information so that I can receive the help that I might need.  I want to thank them for being so informative and are trying to look out for our well-being.

Dennis and Sharon will be our hosts for the February meeting, which will be the 21st, at Robidoux RV Park.  They are planning on a Soup Supper, a sign-up sheet was passed around and if for some reason you did not see it or were not at the meeting please call Sharon at 308-641-7543 and she will let you know what they might need for the meal.

We hope to see you at the meeting and we want to wish you a very Happy Valentine?s day.

Carolyn and Roy