Capitol Sams – August 2019


The Capitol Sams club met at the Weeping Water City Park again. We were going to Syracuse City Park but due to the heavy rain on Saturday night and Sunday night we decided we needed to go someplace with concrete pads. Syracuse is just grass. We called those that we knew were coming to change locations.

Mert LeBreton opened the meeting with a roll call. Those present were: Judy and Mahlon Dickey, Donna Hansen, Fred and Mert LeBreton and Lee and Norma Maler. Bob and Jan Sibal and Jerry and Barb Froistad were not able to attend.

Mert called for a treasurers report. Last month we ended with $214.40. We got $45.50 in club dues and the check for Special Olympics came out and $11 for stamps to a total balance of $223.90. Mert and Fred paid at the meeting and we still need the dues from Sibals. Judy Dickey presented a bill for $28.24 for 4 gallons of Nacho Cheese still from the Good Sam Rally.

Mert asked for all to look over the member list to see if their were any corrections. Members noticed that the Good Sam’s National Dues were expired. So check your member card to see if you need to pay your national dues.

Norma read the minutes from last month and made a couple corrections that noted that Mert and Fred came Tuesday with their camper and stayed the night. Jerry and Barb Froistad left after the pot luck dinner.

The next camp out will be at the Wilbur City Park from Monday, Sept 9th to Wednesday, the 11th. Mert said the 2nd Monday of each month for the camp out works better so it will be the 2nd Monday for the following year also.

September we will elect new officers. Lee and Norma will not be able to attend as they are going on a trip.

Judy made a motion to close the meeting and Mahlon 2nd.

Respectively submitted,

Norma Maler


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