Mid-Nebraska Sams

Mid Nebraska Sams


Leon Welsh

Cell:  308-627-2567

Area of State  –   Mid/Central Nebraska


Date Chartered

November 18th, 1978


The Mid Nebraska Sams chapter of the Good Sam Club was organized November 18th, 1978 at Holdrege and Kearney, Nebraska.

The officers at that time were:

President:  Wayne & Betty Jones   Vice-President:  Jim & Margaret Davis

Secretary/Treasurer:  Delbert Moore  Wagon Master:  Frank Allender

There were 25 rigs.

In 1980, Grant & Irene Hazlett joined the chapter.  In 1988 Vaun & Doris Junkin joined.  At the 20th anniversary there were nine rigs in the chapter and at that meeting all the members were present.  At this writing, Grant & Irene Hazlett, Doris Junkin,  and Bernice Frauen are the oldest standing Honorary


At writing of this moment of History (1993) the following were offiers and members in good standing in the Mid Nebraska Sams : 

President:  Grant & Irene Hazlett,  Vice-President:  Mary (Bill) Heusman, Treasurer:  Phillip (Abba) Oyler,  Secretary:  Deloris Bray,  Wagon Master:  Floyd Bray.   Other Members were:  Vaun & Doris Junkin, Vern & Bernice Frauen, Bernard & Helen Spradlin, Glen & Betty Magnason, Phillip & Jolly Gitchel.

We have come a long way since that first meeting and our Charter.  In November of 2014, we will celebrate our 36th year as a Chapter in the state of Nebraska.  We are 18 full member rigs and hoping to grow even bigger in the coming years. 

Our other members 2011 & 2012 included the following: 

Larry & Donna Burnworth,  LaVerne & Lorriane Gerdes,  Phillip Gitchel & Doris Nanfito, Bill & Mary Heusman, Clay & Barbara Milner, Chet & Liz Morgan,  Bill & Angie Ridgway,  Tom Rizzo,  Harlan Schlachter and Wanda Koch,  Leroy & Thelma Soucie, and Les & Donna Wragge.  We are looking for a new and better season.  Hats off to all our members, both past and present that have brought us to where we are today.  

Chapter Update as of  September 7, 2017

Chapter Officers for 2017

President:  Leon Welsh    Vice President:  Pat Jarmin    Secretary/Treasurer:  Virginia Britton

Our other members for 2017 include the following:

Virginia Britton,  Lauren & Anita Ellingson,  Clay & Barbara Milner,  Chet & Liz Morgan, Tom & Terry Rizzo,  Mike & Sally Hauff,  Randy & Nancy Gullion,  Randy & Pat Jarmin,Chuck & Gwen Campbell,  Leon & Susan Welsh,  Les & Donna Wragge,  David & Paula Mellinger,  Russell & Tonya Thompson,  Jim & Janet Staehr,  Vernon & Linda Thompson,  George & Paula Brown,  Kent & Terry Fraley,  Richard & Bonnie Kool,           Dave Gard & Lori Foster, Kathy McCray

Come and visit and join our group any time.  We meet on the third weekend of the month.  We camp from April Thru October  (check schedule for upcoming campout/meetings).

Please visit the home page and link for Mid Nebraska Sams 2017 Campouts

See you at a Campground




The reservations for Prairie Oasis and Dble Nickel , and Gothenburg ? Lafayette Park are reserved for our group.  You only have to make your own reservations for Methodist Cove (Corp of Eng), Windmill, & Victoria Springs (Nebraska State Parks) More info  to come on Double Nickel.

Mid Nebraska Sams Chapter Members Information:

The Victoria Springs Campout ? is a Nebraska State Park ? requires the state stick that can be purchased at the park or from Walmarts.  You are responsible for making your own reservations on line.   Spaces 14 & 15 are also reservible and spaces 5 & 6.  I spoke with the ranger and was told that they have other spaces with hookups but they are first come, first serve.  Spaces 16 thru 19 are just across from space #1 but are first come, first serve.   The cost is $17 per night.  Most of the spaces are 20/30/50 amp.  It is electric only ? no water or sewer.  Water & sewer are available in the park.

Windmill SRA in Gibbon  –  is a Nebraska State Park ? same as Victoria Springs.  They also are electric only but water & sewer are at the park.  They have several sites that you can reserve and several that are first come, first serve.  It?s up to you.

Methodist Cover in Alma ?  If you use your Senior Pass (if you?re old enough ) it is only $12 per night otherwise it is $24 per night.  You can make reservations for the circle that has electric/water/sewer on line.  .

On-line reservation sites are:

Methodist Cove is www.reserveamerica.com  Pick the RV sites and put in the date that you are coming in.  It will show you the map and you can check out the spaces that are available near our space.

Windmill & Victoria Springs are www.nebraskagameandparks.com  Click on the park that you want to make the reservation at and then put the dates in.  Remember that when making the reservations for the state parks that you pay an extra $7 fee.  But we do it as we don?t want to get there and not have a site.  It isn?t a problem for those maybe coming in on Wednesday or Thursday, but Friday maybe a problem.