MNS-August 2013 Skuttle Butte

August 2013 is in the history books.  Our chapter camped for the first time (that we have belonged to this chapter) at Double Nickel in Waco.  We were sort of all over the park, but we made it work for us.  The early birds enjoyed a few days of playing Pegs & Jokers.  Don?t know if we are learning anything or if we are getting ?pro status? as yet, but we are sure having a good time.  There are so many versions of the game, guess that you have to just decide on which rules suit you and that?s the one you play.  We also had a special treat for our group on Friday afternoon.  Jim Staehr a chapter family member scheduled a tour for us to Breeza Fans located in Utica.  Eleven of our members were treated to a very interesting afternoon.  I  can not remember all the things that our done at this shop but you can take a look at their website:    We want to “Thank” Jim & Janet for scheduling the tour.  Its really something to see how many different things that go into making these parts and the many places they are used.   One of the best things about this company is that all the products are “Made in America”.   So if you get a little bored, visit the website and get some smarts!   This month saw two new members signed ? Gwen & Chuck Campbell and Pat and Randy Jarmin, both of Gibbon.  Last month we were lucky to sign a new member also, Linda and Steve Stutesman of Hastings.  We are so proud to have all of them.  They bring new life into our chapter.  I look forward to new ideas and new ways that we can learn from them.  A generation span from the old to the new is significant.  You don?t realize it until your ?older?.  And yes, you are all going to get there someday.  We enjoyed two nights of delicious potluck and two nights of a warm and cozy camp fire.  I could almost hear ?Kumbaya? being sung.  The feeling of the great outdoors and the brisk and crisp mornings with a cup of warm java or tea, or whatever they were drinking???????And the Saturday morning smell of sizzling bacon and eggs on the grill and the hot rolls and coffee cake.  We even had special breakfast burritos made for us.  You can?t ask for anything better.  Just the get away from the home, work, bills, and other things that cloud our brains from day to day and have a fun and relaxing weekend.  It?s becoming harder with each campout with all our new members, to say goodbye, see ya later, drive safely, and all the endearing words and friendships that we have made.   Our chapter is more and more, the young with the old, we are Family!   Remember that anyone is welcome to join us at our next campout at Windmill SRA in Gibbon.  (Gibbon exit off I-80  = go north about ¼ mile.  The early birds will be in on Wednesday the 18th of September.  Most of the family will be in on Thursday & Friday.  If you?re in the area, stop by and say hello, break bread with us.  The campfire is ready about 8pm till you?re tired. Come on by.  I remain your journey?s host, Barbara Milner

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