Swingin’ Sams Newsletter September & October

September & October Swingin’ Sams


Hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend in spite of the rain. We want to also congratulate Ray Fink as he was nominated on August 25th and was voted in again as our State Treasurer. Congratulations Ray, you do a great job as our Good Sam’s State Treasurer.

Thank you Barbara for e-mailing information in regards to hosting at Louisville. Just letting everyone know again that Barbara Ramsey and John will be our host and hostess at Louisville on Sept 21/ 22/ and 23. Please call Barbara if you will be attending at # (402) 304-6403 or you can text if you are attending the Louisville campout.

October we will be at Victoria Acres in Nebraska City for the dates of Oct. 19, Oct 20 and Oct 21st. Bob and Bev Startzer are the host and hostess for this event. Bob Startzer’s phone # is (815) 343-3328. Please call if you are coming or call if something came up and you must cancel. Denny has already called Victoria Acres and has given the names of those that responded with the Amps and length of their RV’s. The names and information was given to Victoria Acres are as follows: Ralph & Jane Ross, Dennis & Barb Klein, Bob & Bev Startzer, Dave & Erin Loewe, Ron & Brenda Loewe, Gordon & Jolene Glock and Dave & Deanna Herrmann.

September Birthdays are as follows: Judy Fink- Sept 15th    Mary Ann Holmberg’s Birthday Sept, 22nd

                                                           Dennis Klein – Sept 18th

                                                            Donna Clifton – Sept 23rd

October Birthdays are as follows: Ray Fink – Oct. 10th

                                                       Al Clifton  – Oct. 17th

Just a reminder our Thanksgiving Dinner will be held Sunday November 11th at the Gretna Senior Center. Enclosed will be an attachment for the food that will be brought for the occasion. The doors will open at the Gretna Senior Center at 12 noon. One can call Deanna Herrmann at 402-334-6980, or give the sheet of what you will bring to the Louisville campout to give to Deanna. One can also e-mail- Barbara Klein,  ptlklein1@cox.net as we will be out of the country until Oct 16th

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