Hello everyone, can you believe it is August already, our summer is just flying by. Letting all of you know our next campout is August 17th, 18th and 19th.  The campout is at Two Rivers and Dave and Erin Loewe are the host and hostess for this event.

Just a reminder if you plan to camp at Two Rivers let Dave and Erin Loewe know and they request that you call at Erin’s # (402) 917-4533 so they have a number of those that are coming to Two Rivers. Dave was not sure yet about where we will meet Friday night so at this time it will be announced at the campground. The Loewe’s will be providing the meat which will be beef and chicken for the 5 PM pot luck. Dave wants everyone to bring a side dish that goes with chicken and beef.

Something’s that will be discussed at the meeting are as follows: we are to vote on the campground sites for 2019. Dennis sent out a list of campgrounds for 2019 that can be voted on. Some of you have already voted and sent back your preferences and we will also have a list at the campground. We also are in need for nominations for officers for 2019. The office that is available is vice president for 2019. For Victoria Acers in October we need to know who will be attending and the length and type of rig and if it is a 30 or 50 amp. We need this information as Victoria Acers has new owners. We will miss Dennis and Angie as they were so friendly and helpful in many situations. Call us Dennis and Barbara Klein with the information about your rigs and amps as Victoria Acers wants to know as soon as possible and the home # to call us is (402) 331-7573.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Two Rivers.

August Birthday’s- August 5th Marie Pope

                                 August 21st Lois Hallquist

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