The meeting was called order at 9:15AM at Pawnee State Lake by President Larry Hoskinson. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

We had 10 members present. Roll call was taken by Dona Hoskinson. Minutes for July were read and approved by Dennis Klein & seconded by Barb Klein. Treasurers report was given by Dave Herrmann. Our bank balance was $XXXXX Paid Larry $19.60 for stamps, interest was $.01 & raffle money was $5.00, $70.50 for pop cans. Was Approved by Dennis Klein & seconded by Barb Ramsey.


Thanked Dave & Deanna for taking the last meeting. Thanked Dennis & Barb and John & Barb for a beautiful weekend and wonderful breakfast & good food.

The state meeting in September will be in North Platte on Sept 9th.


Dave covered the campground selection for 2018 and the schedule of dates for 2018. Selections will be determined at the October meeting. Nominations of officers for 2018 were mentioned with no volunteers. Host for September will be the Klein’s & Hoskinson’s. Suggestions for the meetings for Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr were discussed & Wendell & Joanne will host Jan at Valentinos. Shirley’s Café was suggested for another month & John & Barb will host March, location to be determined. Feb & Apr are still open for suggestions .

Motion to close the meeting was made by Wendell & seconded by Dennis.

Dave won the raffle of a solar yard light.

Minutes by Dona Hoskinson

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