Swingin’ Sams Minutes

Swingin’Sams May Meeting Minutes. 2018

Location: Branched Oak. Hosts: Jolene and Gordon Glock & Jane and Ralph Ross

Barbara Klein opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll attendance was completed by Barbara Ramsey who also read April meeting minutes. The minutes were accepted. There were 14 active members attending the May meeting and 7 guests. (5 guests at the camp site and 2 attending the meeting).

Old Business: None. New Business:

Barbara reported that Larry and Dona sold their mobile home and will join us for dinner this weekend. We discussed what to do with the current box of plaques. One suggestion was to photograph the plaques. After the meeting the group will look at the plaques and discuss this further. We will be getting another plaque for 45 years.

Ray Fink mentioned the Ne. Good Sams.com web site. This is where we can get current information concerning the upcoming rally. ( We can no longer use the Good Sam logo on Face Book).

Barbara Klein provided information re the Rally: There will be a tour of the Ammunitions Factory June 6th and Case New Holland June 9th. See the website for details. She gave an overview of entertainment plans. The Theme this year is Down on the Farm. The same chaplain will attend. Vendors were listed. Barbara gave out the volunteer chapter job assignments list. (Attached to minutes).

Scrap books will no longer be judged. Discussion was given to past requirement/rules for the scrap book. Since they will no longer be judged…the books will probably be in various formats. Only one meal will be catered and that is Sat. night (fried chicken). Friday night will be a baked potato bar with various toppings provided. Wine tasting will be held on June 7th. 2 to 4pm. $6.00 for 5 samples. This will be held on West 2nd street. The Purple People Eater will be running if it is repaired in time. The ladies tea will be held again as well as the 4H Lunch. Each rig is expected to bring a dozen cookies. Please provide items for the auction. Only Service dogs are allowed in the building. Each chapter must provide a door prize and ours will be a $25.00 gift card x 2. This was proposed by Jane and seconded by Jolene. Passed. Dave will get the cards. Ralph motioned for $250.00 to be given (each) to Dogs for good life and Special Olympics. Dennis seconded. Passed. We are currently $200.00 ahead of where we were last year. We will continue to collect cans and pop tops. All agreed Norm should continue as State Director. Jane Ross is in charge of selecting a place to go out to eat after the chapter meeting. Jane motioned that $ 68.00 be given to Gordon for the Tent/reservations for space. Dennis seconded. Passed. Dennis motioned for adjournment and Dave Loewe seconded.

Barbara Klein Adjourned the meeting. David Herrmann won the door prize.

Submitted by Barbara Ramsey, Secretary.

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