Well it is time for my last newsletter and I will try to make it short. Our next get together will be our Christmas Dinner at Garden Café on December 3rd at 1:00PM sharp as we will be out by 3:30PM. The meal will be the same as last year and hopefully as good as last year. The meeting to follow will be very short and we will have new rosters and schedules available for anyone needing one. The one thing we will be discussing is the donation we have always made to the Good Fellows. If you plan to donate bring your money.

I tried to book my reservations today and found some bad results as things are booked up pretty heavy for next year. I have new sits at Branched Oaks. The proper place is Southshore Campground area 1 and the sites are 86-94 and 105-120. Everything else is booked. Pawnee and Louisville look good for the sites that I listed but we may have a problem at Two Rivers as the only slot at Lakeside available is #1. So if you have not registered yet you had better do so very soon so you can have a slot.

We have host for Jan thru May and need host for the rest of the months so think about when you would like to host a month.

Dona and I want to tell everyone that we have enjoyed being the leaders and we want everyone to continue to help the future officers as well as you have for us. They will do an outstanding job for you and with your help I’m sure the Chapter will grow and succeed for many years to come.





Kaye Ramsey  13 Dec

Dave Loewe  19 Dec

Earl Collins  28 Dec

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