WAGON WHEEL GOOD SAM – Scottsbluff/Gering, NE

November 2018 Newsletter

Around the Campfire
The backup editors are back on the field. We wish Wanda a speedy recovery. The weather wasn’t fit for man nor beast but a few of us made it out to the RV Park for a good meal and fellowship with friends. Because of the slippery conditions I parked my cane and brought out my hot rod walker. I took a turn too fast and almost spun out, but managed to get it back in control before crashing. When we got there Sharon was sporting a new walking cast (boot) that she got for falling and getting a hairline fracture. It didn’t slow her down so I guess she is doing ok. I am always amazed that no matter how small a turn out we have, there is always enough good food to make you think you just stuffed yourself at Thanks Giving dinner. Thank you Charlene Case for hosting a fun time.

President Dennis Gregory called the meeting to order at 7:00ish with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Roll call had 7 rigs present for the meeting.

Sharon read the minutes from the October meeting. Harry made a motion to accept the minutes as read with Jim second. Motion carried.

Sharon gave the treasurers report for Bob who is probably buried in the snow somewhere. Harry made the motion to accept the report and it was second by Karen. Motion carried..

Under old business Jim said that he will call the Civic Center on Monday and give them the number of members for the Christmas dinner and see how much we need for a deposit. The club will pay the total amount and the collect from the members.

Covering new business we decided to have a 50/50 at the Christmas dinner and we will install the new officers. January, February, and March meal and meeting will be noon at the RV Park. Harry and Bonita are the hosts for January and are having a soup and sandwich meal. Please call Bonita to let her know if you plan on bringing soup or sandwiches. It must have been Harry that made a motion to donate money to Knights of Columbus for batteries. Karen probably second and the motion carried.

We all thanked Charlene Case for hosting the meal this month. Way to go Charlene!

The 50/50 was won by Linda and Sharon. They both gave their winnings to the club. The door prize was won by John

Quick draw Harry made a motion to adjourn and Karen second the motion. By unanimous vote the meeting was adjourned and we all headed out into the cold ugly night.

November Birthdays and Anniversaries


John Kreman – 7th
Marcia Boots – 18th


Curt & Connie Ernst – 22nd

Happy Trails Linda and Jim

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