Wagon Wheel – I can’t believe its’s September

SEPTEMBER 2019 PRAIRIE SCHOONER Monthly Newsletter of the Wagon Wheel Good Sam Club

Around the Camp Fire We just knew there was going be a big crowd at the campground with the balloon fest going on that weekend. When we pulled in on Wednesday, there were four campsites taken and they were all Wagon Wheel members. By Friday we had 9 rigs there to enjoy the weekend.
The weather was mostly good except for late one night and our hosts, Dennis and Sharon, did an outstanding job of keeping us fed. This being our 20th birthday party we had homemade ice cream. Sunday comes way too soon, and everyone is heading home.
In September we will be at Lake Ogallala. Wanda who is our host this month will have information for the Indian Summer Rendezvous for all of us. Be sure to track her down to find out all that is happening this weekend. The meal will be a carry in at 5:00 Saturday with the meeting after.
We hope you will be there.

Dennis called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 13 rigs present for roll call.
Sharon read the minutes from the July meeting. Bob made a motion to accept them as read with Bonita seconding. The motion carried.
Jim gave the treasurer’s report and Doris made a motion to accept. Bob second the motion and it carried.
We had no bills this month. Sharon read a letter from Dogs for a Better Life thanking us for our donation.
The President announced that we have Cap and Janice’s Daughter and Grand Kids are guests this month.
Old Business – We elected new officers. The only change is Curt will be the new Wagon Master. Everyone else re-upped for another term.
New Business – Jim brought the idea that we should consider moving the meal time to 6:00 with the meeting at 7:00 so that we have the whole day to do what ever we want to. After much debate (that translates to yelling and screaming) Char made a motion that we move the time to 6:00 with Bart seconding. The motion carried. For some reason we are having the meal at 5:00 at Lake Ogallala.
The 50/50 was won by Linda and Jerry. They are out partying hard with all their winnings.
After all this fun President Dennis asked for a motion to adjourn. Doris made the motion and Bob was there to give it a second. Once again it was unanimous.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Sep 2nd – Cap Brixus Sep 10th – Bonita Case
Sep 12th – Roy Austin
Sep 17th – Curt Ernst
Sep 20th – Connie Ernst
Sep 20th – Jerry Wayman

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