Wagon Wheel July Newsletter

Monthly newsletter of Wagon Wheel Good Sam

Well, here we are in Hastings at the State Rally after receiving the 20-year certificate for Wagon Wheel. We all had a great time. There is always plenty to do. We had games, seminars and a couple tours. Plus 4 nights of entertainment and lots of good food too. We had a raffle table and on Friday we were the chapter with a 50/50. It kept this bunch of happy campers busy. We also set up a raffle table for Second Chance Sam’s who needs the funds. Thanks to Dennis and Sharon for setting that up. Sunday morning at the crack of dawn we hear the Gregory’s truck fire up and they were gone. I knew they had plans for later that day with the family to go fishing. We didn’t leave ‘til later and got home about 7:30 Sunday evening. I barely got in the door and Dennis is ringing the bell. Went outside and there sits Sharon on a shiny new Can-Am Spyder Motorcycle. I think I know why they left so early.

The next week was our chapter campout at Chadron State Park. Dennis and Sharon had a mechanical issue with their truck, and I couldn’t get it together, so we wound up in the car following the Gregory’s on their bike for the day on Saturday. The weather was perfect for being outdoors and we had a good turnout. Dennis’s sister Vicki and Scott drove down from Rapid City to be our guests this month. Good food and good friends, what more can I say. Thanks to Curt and Connie for hosting this weekend. Excellent job.

After the meeting it was brought to my attention that I didn’t put the invitation to Gary and Karen’s 40th anniversary party in the newsletter. For that I am sorry. Please forgive me.

On Thursday, June 20th Dennis, Linda and I had the honor of standing the flag line for the Honor Flight as they came into Scottsbluff. There were 11 veterans from the Korean and Vietnam Wars that were headed to Washington DC. The Elks club supplied their lunch stop on the way to DIA for the flight to DC. It’s quite a thrill to see the reactions of these Vets as they arrive at the Elks club. These people are true heroes, and most are humbled by all the well wishers with flags in their hands. Linda had big old crocodile tears.
Linda and Jim

Dennis called the meeting to order about 1:00 with the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call had 11 rigs answer.

Sharon read the minutes from last month’s meeting. Carolyn made a motion to accept and Janice 2nd. The
motion carried.

Jim gave the Treasurers report. Bonita made a motion to accept. Carolyn 2nd and the motion carried.

Old Business – Jeanette brought up that we have a room reserved at the Civic Center on Dec 21st for our
Christmas Dinner. We’ll get the menu when it becomes available.

New Business – Dennis gave a summary of what went on at the State Rally. We had 6 rigs represented at the
presentation of our 20-year certificate.

We welcomed our guests and thanked Curt and Connie for hosting this campout. The 50/50 was won by Scott
And Roy. Scott donated his back to our Chapter.

Carolyn made a motion to adjourn and Bonita 2nd. Of course, the motion carried

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Birthdays – 22 – Gary Larsen
Anniversaries – 3 -Dale & Charlene Mahnke
6 -Bart & Doris Bartow

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Bubba said, ‘Shingles.’ The doctor asked, ‘Where?’Bubba said, ‘Outside on the truck. Where do you want me to unload ’em??’?

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