Wagon Wheel Sams July Newsletter

Chadron State Park
July 19th – 22nd

This would be a great campout. We had a lot of fellowship and the weather was a little warm during the day but cooled off in the evenings, great sleeping weather.

I drove up to the Gregory’s on the 18th so that I would be ready to join in the caravan on Thursday. There were 5 (Dennis & Sharon Gregory, Wanda Binegar & Chase (Gregory’s great grandson), Gary Larson, Curt & Connie Ernst who would join our chapter and Bart & Doris Bartow). We all met at the COOP parking lot and headed out at 9:00am with Dennis in the lead. We arrived at the park in 2 hours. It was great to be in a caravan and traveling together. Donita and Roger Weis were camp hosts and had camp sites ready for us, so we were able to set up and then go register. After lunch we (Sharon, Doris, Curt, Myself and Dennis) piled in the Gregory’s pickup and drove to the office to register. Drove back to our units to rest so we can go to Chadron for supper and music at the Bands of Bandaro on the street. After a couple hours we decided to call it a night. Before we left Chadron we had to stop at the ice cream shop. It was very good.

The fishermen had luck too. The first day it was too warm and the fish weren’t biting but the second day they went out early and some came back very happy.

This was a great campout and we missed all our camping family that could not be there.

The meeting was called to order by President Dennis Gregory at 1:00pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and Salute to the Flag.

Roll Call was answered by 9 rigs.

Minutes of the June meeting were read and approved. GUESTS were Vicky Clark & Scott (Dennis’ sister) Chase (Gregory’s great grandson) Curt and Connie Ernst (who joined our Chapter, Welcome) Ethan & Reuben (Cap & Janice’s great grandsons) and Bill & Ava Hawthorne (Sharon’s cousins).

Treasurers Report was given by Sharon who subbed for Bob. Motion was made by Jim to approve and 2nd by Karen. Motion Carried.

There were no bills or correspondence this month.

Unfinished Business – Jim reported on our planned Christmas party. The party will be December 15th at the Gering Civic Center. Our Chapter will pay $10.00 for each plate and the Chapter member will pay the remaining cost. Karen made a motion to approve and it was 2nd by Jim. Motion carried.

New Business – We welcomed Curt & Connie Ernst, our newest friends, to the Wagon Wheel family. Of course we had to get in their pockets a little bit too.

Special Report on absent members – Jeanette is having health issues but is improving, Carolyn is slowly recovering from surgery. The Adamson’s have a family funeral and Boots’ have family and friends funeral. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

NEXT MEETING August 17th – 19th at Lake Minatare, Butte View east campgrounds, sites 1 – 14. Our hosts are Dennis & Sharon Gregory. We will have a Pot Luck at 5:00pm on Saturday the 18th. See you there.

THANK YOU, Roger & Donita for hosting the campout, morning coffee & rolls (hot out the oven) and pot luck meals. Thank you also to Sharon, Doris and Wanda for the Pork Chops we had Friday evening.

50/50– was won by Roger ($10) and Jim ($7). Both gave their winnings to the Chapter. Thank you.

Hosts Door prize was won by Janice.

Motion was made by Doris and 2nd by Jim to adjourn. It was carried by unanimous vote.

Birthdays – August 27th , Harry Case

There a no anniversaries this month




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