Capitol Sams

Capitol Sams


Mert LeBreton

Telephone #

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Home 402 298 4496

Cell 402 807 9429


Area of State

  Southeastern Nebraska


Date Chartered

February 1972


Seventeen couples attended an organizational meeting on the 1st Sunday in June, 1972, hosted by Rudy Strunc and Jo Pokorny.  13 couples signed up and paid dues and Rudy became our first President and the name “Capitol Sams” was given to our new group.  Dick Melicher, the State Director, and his wife came to our meeting to install officers. Don Sampson made a drawing of the State Capitol Building, see above.  This was made into a patch for members to sew onto red vests worn at meetings, campgrounds, Samborees, and church services.  The Capitol Sams sponsored a Samboree at the Seward City Park in 1975.

2018 Officers:  President, Mert LeBreton.  Secretary, Norma Maler.  Treasurer, Lee Maler. 

Campsites for 2018

April 10 – met at Stauffer’s Cafe and had lunch together to review our 2018 camping schedule
May 7,8,9 – Victorian Acres in Nebraska City.
June 6-10 – Good Sam Rally in Hastings
July 9,10,11 – Tuxedo Park in Crete
August 13,14,15 – Weeping Water Park in Weeping Water
September 10,11,12 – Chautauqua Park in Beatrice
*Note: Many of our members winter in Texas, so our camping season is relatively short.


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