Elkhorn Valley Sams

Elkhorn Valley Sams


Linda Bontrager

Telephone #

Cell 402-480-3408

Area of State

Fremont Nebraska

Date Chartered-January 2002


                                   We were chartered in 2002 and include campers from Fremont, Ithaca,   Chadron and Omaha.  We meet most of the time on the second full weekend from April through October.  We celebrate with campfires and popcorn in the evenings, weather permitting and at least one potluck.  We enjoy playing dominoes, cards, board games and spending time visiting with each other.  Our campers take turns hosting each campout.  During the winter months, we meet at various locations for dinner and our monthly meeting.  We love camping and having fun together!  We will be celebrating our 20th year this year as a Nebraska Good Sam camping club!!  Come and join us!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Campouts for 2022

April 28-May 1-Victorian Acres at Nebraska City, NE

May 12-15-Louisville SRA at Louisville NE

June 2-5-Nebraska Good Sam Rally in Hastings, NE

July 11-17-Fort Robinson at Crawford, NE

August 11-14-Weigands (Gavin’s Point) Lewis and Clark SRA by Crofton, NE

September 8-11- Pawnee SRA by Malcolm/Lincoln, NE

October 13-16-Willow Creek at Pierce, NE