Newsletter, APRIL 17, 2015 MEETING

Well the camping season has started with our first campout being held the weekend of April 18th, due to several reason weather and etc. many of us were unable to camp, but we had 5 rigs camping and 17 answering roll call.  It sure nice to have so many at the meal and meeting and also seeing our snow birds returning home we missed you.   Larry and Lurleen were the hosts for the weekend and did a wonderful job.    Marilyn?s granddaughter April Edwards was our guest and we are looking forward to seeing her again.

Larry Adamson and Jerry Wayman were our lucky winners of the 50/50.

The May camping and meeting will be at Chadron State Park, May 15th, 16th and 17th, Jim and Linda will be the hosts and are planning on a noon meal, which will be pot luck, and the meeting to follow.  Also our first pickup along the highway will be the 30th of May at 8 O?clock AM, please make every effort to be at Robidoux RV Park.

Our June camping will be at Fort Robinson, June 19th, 20th and 21st.  Another change is the July camping, this will be at Guernsey July 17th, 18th and 20th.  Leroy Schreiner is making plans for us to tour the Sunrise Mines on Saturday.

I have talked with Sue Shepherd and she is doing ok after having surgery on both of her legs, she said she is up walking not as much as she would like, but at least she is walk.  We hope you have a speedy recovery.

We hope everyone has a great summer.

Carolyn and Roy

Happy Mother?s Day