Chadron St.Park

The May 16, 2015 meeting was called to order by President Alvin Herbel at 1:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by the members.  The members recited the Good Sams Pledge.

Roll Call: The roll call was read with 10 rigs represented.

Guests present included: none

Minutes: The minutes of the April 17  meeting were read by Secretary Lois Herbel.  There were no corrections to the minutes.  A motion was made by Jim to accept the minutes as read and seconded by Larry.  Motion carried.

Correspondence: Thank you notes were received and read from Cap and Janice Brixius for memorial.  The Veterans State Cemetery at Alliance also sent a thank you for the memorial donation.

Report of Committees:
Christmas: Sharon Gregory has tentatively reserved Becki's Restaurant in Mitchell for the Christmas Dinner/Meeting on December 12 at 6:00 PM.  Bonita is in the process of visiting with the airport and the Gering Civic Center.  Information will be presented at the June meeting and a final decision will be made for the location of the Christmas Dinner.

Unfinished Business:
       Wagonmaster: The tour for the Sunrise Mine in July will cost $100.00.  It was decided that those attending the tour would divide the cost among the group attending the tour.  There will be some stairs to climb.  Those needing to reserve a campsite at Guernsey need to call right away.  If a reservation has been made and needs to be cancelled, we need to let LeRoy or Jeanette know so they can inform other chapter members who might need a sight.
Camp Host/hostess for July:  Bob and Marsha graciously volunteered to host the July meeting since Jim and Linda volunteered to host the May campout for Shephards.  Thank you to both couples for helping out.  Bob will take the tote after the May meeting and deliver to Cap and Janice.
Highway Cleanup:  The first highway cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 30 at 8:00 AM.  We will meet at Robidoux RV Park to begin the clean up.

New Business:
      State Meeting Information: 2 chapters were lost this past year but it appears that 2 more may be formed.  One to be formed is a single's group called the Solo Sams.  There will be enough help with parking at the Samboree.  Each rig is asked to bring 1 dozen cookies.  Each chapter is asked to bring a door prize of $20.00 or more value.  Include the chaper name on the door prize.  Each chpater is asked to bring a centerpiece that can be raffled off.  Each rig is encourage to voluntarily bring canned goods for an offering.  There will be a candle light service Sunday for members lost during the year.  The theme of the 2016 rally will be Honoring America.  Each chapter was given a copy of the guidelines for the scrapbook.  The sound system will be purchased by the time of the rally.  The Second Chance Sams will meet June 3 at 4:00PM.  The Samboree will be called the Nebraska State RV Rally from this point forward.  Everyone is encourage to invite others to attend the rally.  Attendees do not need to be members to attend.
Jim Vance suggested that to save money the chapter needs to consider sending the newsletter through email.  It was discussed that this could easily be done by setting up a file of Wagon Wheel Sams email addresses and then by merely selecting the file, the addresses would be easily accessible.  For those who don't have email, they could access the newsletter on the state webpage.
Jim Vance suggested that we, as a chapter, consider possible ways to do some fundraising projects.  Dave mentioned that the chapter used to hold a raffle or 50/50 drawing during the rally.  Alvin Herbel will inquire at the state meeting when and what we need to do in order to hold a raffle or 50/50 drawing during the rally.

50/50: A total of $45.00 was taken in through the 50/50 drawing.  The Club received $22.50.  Dale and Alvin Herbel won the 50/50 drawing of $11.25 apiece.  Both donated their winnings back to the club.

Host/Hostess: We would  like to thank Jim and Linda for a fine job hosting the May meeting.  Cap and Janice will host the 9:00 AM  meeting at Ft. Robinson State Park with a noon potluck dinner.

Adjourn: A motion was made by Betty to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Marsha.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Lois Herbel