July 2015 Newsletter
Wagon Wheel Sams
by Lois Herbel

At our July meeting, we learned how to have a business  meeting during a thunderstorm and under a tin roof.  We all had our hearing challenged and we passed the test. Some of the highlights of the meeting include:

  •     Eleven rigs were represented at the meeting.
  •     To date, our total volunteer hours equal 816 hours. We have a very giving and ambitious membership.  Congratulations on all the time you donate back to the community.
  •      We have a full slate of candidates for offices to be taken to the election next month. There will also be an opportunity for write-in candidates.  Thank you to all who agreed to consider being an officer next year.  Those include President ? Al Herbel, Vice President ? Bonita Case, Secretary – Janice Brixius and Treasurer ? Jeanette Shriener.  LeRoy Shriener has agreed to continue to be Wagon Master and Lois Herbel has agreed to write the newsletter.
  •      Our next campout will be held at Lake Minatare on August 14 and 15. George and Betty Wilhelm will host this campout with a noon potluck on August 15.  Election of officers will be held at this meeting.
  •      We need to think about whether or not we will continue to do the Christmas in October. Come with ideas and thoughts to the August meeting.
  •      Remember- a change in the meeting time for September 18 (Friday) at 6:00 PM with potluck dinner at noon on Saturday, September 19 at Lake Ogallala. Wanda and Chet Binegar will be our host/hostess.

Members in attendance at the July campout had an opportunity to tour the Sunrise mine and town. What an awesome tour this was!  Mr. John Voight, the owner of the town and mine, led a tour of the YMCA, Glory Hole and the various other properties in the town. A family from Holland was also camping at Guernsey and joined us on the tour.

George Ziemans, an archeologist who is conducting a dig on site, explained the importance of the archeological site in the town and showed us some of the artifacts that have been recovered at this rich, unique historical site.

Although it required many phone calls and emails on LeRoy's part, we are very grateful to him to have had the opportunity to tour this mining town.  Thank you, LeRoy, for a job well-done.  On August 29, there will be an archeological tour given that will include a lunch, tour and dinner.  Watch the newspaper for more details.

 August Birthdays: Chet Binegar (Aug 2), Harry Case (Aug. 27)

August Anniversaries: Chet/Wanda Binegar (Aug. 22)

RV Tip: Be sure to keep the air conditioner filters and coils clean so the unit can function at high proficiency.  Filters can be washed in soapy water and allowed to dry before reinstalling. They can also be vacuumed or replaced if necessary. In addition, parking the camper in the shade also aids in the operation of the air conditioner.  Stay cool.