Wagon Wheel Sams Newsletter
August, 2015

There were 12 rigs represented at the August meeting.  Five rigs were able to camp at Lake Minatare.  We were very honored to have as guests – Carla Griess, State Director and Lynette Caldwell, State Membership Chairperson, Assistant State Director and President of Flat Rock Chapter join us for our potluck dinner and meeting.

Some highlights of the meeting include:

  • Get well cards have been sent to Sharon Gregory (recovering from foot surgery) and Roy Austin (hospitalized for heart problems). We continue to wish both speedy recoveries.
  • Mini grants will not be available from Keep America Beautiful for 2016. A new director has not been hired and board members are trying to sort through things to know where they are. Harry suggested we continue to the clean up on a volunteer basis for 2016.
  • A calling tree was handed out to members and it was explained how to use it.
  • It was decided that we would help ABATE get started on their ride with Christmas in October but we will not decorate our rigs or provide cookies. Rolls will be provided in the morning. We will continue to camp at Robidoux RV Park in October, weather permitting.
  • Election of officers was held for the coming 2016 year. They are as follows: President ? Al Herbel, Vice-President ? Bonita Case, Secretary ? Janice Brixius, Treasurer ? Jeanette Schreiner.  LeRoy Schreiner will continue as Wagon Master and Lois Herbel will continue to write the newsletter.  We thank each for their added support in these offices.
  • It was decided to discontinue the scrapbook due to the following reasons: expense, few view the scrapbook and what should be done with the old ones.
  • President Al Herbel has prepared a brochure to be printed and that can be given to prospective members.
  • State Director, Carla Griess, stated that getting new members is our state’s largest concern. We need to replace ourselves in membership.
  • Remember the change: the meeting for the September campout at Lake Ogallala is September 18, Friday, at 6:00 PM. The potluck will be held at noon on Saturday, September 19.  This allows President Al Herbel to attend the State meeting on Saturday, September 19 at noon.  Thank you for your cooperation in this change.
  • Highway cleanup will be August 22 at 8:00 AM at Robidoux RV Park.
  • Come with potential ideas for campout locations for 2016 at the September meeting. We will discuss ideas and make concrete plans at the October meeting.

A total of 1,165.5 volunteer hours have been recorded to date.  This is amazing! Everyone is really contributing extra time and effort to your communities.  Your work makes it possible for communities to be able to have extra events for all to enjoy.  Thanks so much for all the time you give and work you do.

Roy Austin has recently been hospitalized in Loveland, Colorado to have stents surgery.  He is home resting and recuperating.  We send him best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

Word has been received that June Butcher has passed away in Yuma, Arizona on August 16.  Memorial services for June will be held at the Rock Church in Scottsbluff on August 28 with burial at Sunset Memorial Cemetery.  A complete obituary is available online at the Star-Herald website.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

 Birthdays: Gary Shepherd (3), Bonita Case (10), Roy Austin (12), Lois Herbel (20), Jerry Wayman (20)

Anniversaries: Bob/Marcia Boots (24)

We were very excited to have State Director, Carla Gries (seen below visiting with Bonita Case and Bart Bartow)20150815_CarlaGriesand Assistant State Director, Lynette Caldwell (visiting below with Betty Wilhelm) attend our August campout at Lake Minatare.  20150815_LynetteCaldwellIt was a blistering hot day but we were lucky to have wonderful shade and could enjoy our visits throughout the day.

Thank you to all who came and helped pick up garbage along the highway.  The south entrance to Gering and the Robidoux RV Park looks so clean and inviting due to your efforts.

August pickup pictured below (L to R): Dale Mahnke, Dennis Gregory, Harry and Bonita Case, Leroy Schreiner, Al Herbel.  Not pictured are Charlene Case, Jeannette Schreiner and Lois Herbel (taking picture).


July pickup pictured below (L to R): George Wilhelm, Bonita Case, Leroy Schreiner, Harry Case, Carolyn Austin, Al and Lois Herbel.  Not pictured are Charlene Case and Jeannette Schreiner.  Picture taken by Jack Martin.


RV Tip: It is a good idea to carry a temperature gun in your rig.  They are inexpensive and can save you much headache and expense should you be developing a problem.  Below are listed some ways the temperature gun can be used.

  • Check mechanical temps ? ie. tires, bearings, brakes, radiators, hoses, rear differential, transmission cooler, etc.
  • Fridge ? quickly check fridge and freezer temps
  • Cooking ? check oven, fry pan, BBQ grill, temps
  • Cold weather ? check plumbing pipes, weak insulation areas.
  • Heating and Cooling ? check output temps on the AC and furnace vents.

End of newsletter…

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