September Newsletter
Wagon Wheel Sams

Although the wind did blow and the temperatures were chilly, the members of our chapter were strong and brave to endure the September campout and meeting at Lake Ogallala.  Some of the highlights from the week-end include the following:

  •      The October campout and meeting will be held at Robidoux RV park.  Each rig is encouraged to make reservations for this campout.  We will help ABATE with the Christmas in October Ride by providing a starting point for them to collect toys for needy children to be given at Christmas.  Our chapter will provide donuts, juice and coffee on Saturday, October 17 at 9:00 AM.  We will not be decorating our rigs or providing cookies as has been done in the past.  Lois Herbel made application and received a $50.00 gift card from Wal Mart.  Games and puzzles have been purchased for the Toys for Tots program.
  •      Exciting News: Keep America Beautiful just called and has money for us next year.  I am filing out the application and final reports necessary to receive this money.  It appears we will receive $400.00 after the first of the year.
  •      The Christmas Meeting will be held December 12.  We will meet at Prime Cut for a noon meal at 12:00 PM.  (A charge of $8.00 on selected meals will be available from 12:00 ? 4:00 PM which is quite a savings.  In addition, by eating at noon, those driving to Scottsbluff can do so during daylight hours.  Who knows what the weather and road conditions might be that time of year?)  The meeting will be held at 2:00 PM at the Robidoux RV Park Multi-Purpose Room. After the meeting, those who would like to play games will have an opportunity to do so.
  •      Due to the windy, chilly weather conditions at Lake Ogallala, the discussion on possible 2016 campout locations was tabled until the October meeting.  Be thinking where you might like to camp this next year and bring your ideas.
  •      Highway Cleanup will be held October 3 at 8:00 AM at Robidoux RV Park.  It is necessary to schedule it a week late due to the Monument Marathon being held on our regularly scheduled week-end for clean up.
  •      At the October meeting, we will discuss what we would like to see at the campouts to make them fun-packed and exciting.  Please jot down your ideas and bring them along so we can brainstorm some ideas for this next year.
  •     Would you believe we have a total of 1,235 hours of volunteerism recorded to date!  That is amazing!  Another way to look at it ? at $7.00 an hour, our chapter has saved our communities a total of $8,645 in labor costs.  Congratulations to all.
  •      Bart and Doris Bartow graciously agreed to attend the State meeting in Grand Island.  They will provide us with updates at the October meeting.  Thank you to the Bartows for going to this meeting.
  •      It was great to have Roy Austin, Char Schanaman and Chet Binegar attend the September campout.  We wish them the best with their health.

Birthdays: Sandy Feagler, (Oct 23)

Anniversaries: Gary/Sue Shepherd (Oct. 1), Leroy/Jeanette Schreiner (Oct. 7), Dave/Sandy Feagler (Oct 21), Bruce/Virginia Mues (Oct. 24)

 Winterizing Your RV Tips

  •      Check and clean all seals and mechanical parts, wash, wax and condition the outside and roof
  •      Open the roof vent (if it has a cover) to allow ventilation and avoid mold
  •      Shut day blinds but not night blinds to combat mold
  •      Block off or screen all external openings to avoid insect and rodent problems. Remove all food and nesting materials such as soap, toothpaste, paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates/cups
  •      Turn off the battery disconnect switch after you have made certain the battery is fully charged so it does not freeze
  •      Unload the RV to minimize the weight on tires for an extended time. Thoroughly clean the tires with soap and water.  Place the RV on blocks to remove the weight on the tires. 
  •      Store the RV on a clean, firm, well-drained and reasonably level surface
  •      Periodically check on RV from time to time for possible leaks, rodents, etc.