The November 14, 2015 meeting was called to order by President Alvin Herbel at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance and Good Sams Pledge recited by the members.

Roll Call: The roll call was read with 13 rigs represented.

Guests present included  Sonny and Marie from Holland.

Minutes: The minutes of the October 17  meeting were read by Secretary Lois Herbel.  Corrections to the minutes included a statement indicating a bill of $96.95 paid to Al Herbel.  A motion was made by Bonita to accept the minutes with corrections made and seconded by Char .  Motion carried.

Correspondence: There was none.

Report of Committees:

Wagon master: The July campout is scheduled for Lusk, Wyoming.  The registration fee is $37.00 per night.  The fee for the Rawhide play is not determined at this time.

Christmas Dinner: Dinner will be held at Prime Cut at 12:00 noon on December 12.  The meeting will be held at Robidoux RV Park Multipurpose Room at 2:00 PM.  After the meeting, there will be time for games if members so desire.

Old Business:
Emergency forms need to be kept current.

Members need to check their Good Sams memberships as some are coming due.  Any number changes need to be given to President Al Herbel so they can be recorded.  Some memberships are coming due in the next few days and weeks so everyone is encouraged to check your membership cards.

New Business:
A motion was made by Sharon and seconded by Carolyn to donate $50.00 to the Knights of Columbus to purchase batteries for the Toys for Tots donations.  Sharon will also let us know the date of the wrapping of the gifts so we can volunteer to help wrap the gifts.

Host/hostess for 2016: January ? Roy/Carolyn, February ? Harry/Bonita, March ? Gary/Sue, April ? Dale/Charlene, May ? LeRoy/Jeanette, June ? Dennis/Sharon, July ? Al/Lois, August ? Char/Jerry, September ? Larry/Lurleen, October ? Cap/Janice, November ? LeRoy/Brenda, December ? Bob/Marcia.

50/50: A total of $50.00 was taken in through the 50/50 drawing.  The Club received $25.00. Larry and Doris won the 50/50 drawing of $12.50 a piece.

Host/Hostess: We would  like to thank Al and Lois Herbel  for a fine job hosting the Nov. 14  meeting.  A special thanks goes out to Bart for roasting the turkeys provided by Schreiners and Herbels and the chapter members for the wonderful dishes provided for our pre-Thanksgiving potluck dinner.  Charlene Case will host the December 12  meeting at Prime Cut for a noon dinner.  The 2:00 PM meeting will be held at  Robidoux RV Multi-Purpose Room.

Adjourn: A motion was made by Bart to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Char.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Lois Herbel