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            We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. It is such a wonderful time to reflect on the many blessings our Lord has bestowed upon us.

Our November potluck was such a wonderful feast.  We would like to thank Bart for deep frying the two turkeys.  Thanks goes to all the cooks who brought delicious sides to compliment our Thanksgiving feast.  And, I have been told that all calories were cooked out of the foods so it was fine if we did over-eat.  (Don’t we wish at this time of the year?)

Camping at Robidoux RV Park that night was a couple from Holland.  Bart and LeRoy invited them to join us during our meal.  Lurleen graciously explained the different food choices to them.  They had never eaten turkey before.  They found it to be very tasty.  Had they not eaten with us, they were going to enjoy a meal of cold, left-over mac and cheese.  Needless to say, they were very grateful to have been invited to partake in our Thanksgiving meal.            The pictures show some of the delicious food and the members enjoying their meal.  Everything tastes so great and the variety of entrees was unbelievable.  Nobody left hungry after that wonderful feast.

Some highlights from this meeting include:

  • Charlene Case is our hostess for the December meeting.  Our next meeting will be held December 12.  The meal will be held at Prime Cut at 12:00 noon.  At 2:00 PM, we will meet at the Robidoux RV Park for our meeting.  After the meeting, everyone is encouraged to play games if they so desire.
  • Our volunteer hours total 1,584 hours to date.  This is amazing.  The total hours for the year will be turned into the State after our December meeting.  Thanks for all the volunteering you have done over the year.
  • Host and hostess were determined for the 2016 year.  They are as follows: January ? Roy/Carolyn, February ? Harry/Bonita, March ? Gary/Sue, April ? Dale/Charlene, May ? LeRoy/Jeanette, June ? Dennis/Sharon, July ? Al/Lois, August ? Char/Jerry, September ? Larry/Lurleen, October ? Cap/Janice, November ? LeRoy/Brenda. December ? Bob/Marcia.
  • LeRoy reported that the campground registration fee per night is $37.00 at Lusk.  The ticket price for the pageant is unknown at this time.
  • Our chapter will donate $50.00 to the Knights of Columbus for batteries.  Sharon will inform us of the dates to volunteer to wrap presents for the Toys for Tots Program.
  • Everyone needs to check their Good Sams registration cards.  Some have approaching expiration dates ? like in a couple weeks.  If you have renewed your membership, please let President Al Herbel know.
  • The state membership fee for each rig for 2015 is being sent in at $3.00 per rig.

Farewell:  After much soul searching, prayer and sleepless nights, Al and I decided that in the best interest of the chapter and for ourselves, we need to resign as officers of Wagon Wheel Sams.    We have met and cherish some wonderful friendships made during our short tenure with the chapter. In this past year, we have been able to work through the changes and developments so our chapter is better able to function by having the Standard Operating Procedure in place as well as having current, detailed emergency forms in place to benefit EMTs should the need arise.  The tools are in place for the chapter to thrive and grow.  It is our wish and desire that this chapter will see that as a reality.
An Executive Board meeting was held November 16 to accept the resignation of President Al Herbel affective December 31 and the resignation of Lois Herbel as Newsletter Chairman affective December 31.  Nominations from the floor will be accepted for the position of President at the December meeting.  Char Schanaman has indicated that she will submit her name as a candidate.  A volunteer is needed to write the newsletters for 2016 and to be a substitute Secretary for the months of January, February and March.    There is a need for host/hostess for the July campout in 2016.  Anyone wanting to volunteer may announce his/her intentions for these positions at the December meeting.

December birthdays: Char Schanaman (7), Dennis Gregory (7)

December anniversaries: LeRoy/Brenda Goodro (16), Dennis/Sharon Gregory (19)

RV Prayer
God bless our traveling home
And guide us where ever we roam.
Help us find the roads we seek
And please don’t let the plumbing leak..
Save us, please from engine trouble
And mechanics who would charge us double.
As we travel on our way
Bless us with sunshine every day.
And while you’re watching over all
Could you let gas prices fall?
Lead us toward good food and friendship.
And when at last our journey ends,
Grant our rolling home sweet rest
Until the next endurance test.

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