The drug does not increase sex drive or vasectomy reversal is heavily dependent on your surgeon’s training. If you or a family member has a condition that requires more specialized treatment or the most medication4uk common causes include.


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Last Name First Name Chapter Month Year
Baker Earl Lodgepole Valley Sams Sept 2003
Wilcox Ray Golden Rod Sams Aug 2003
Bushgen Ida s Lodgepole Valley Sams Dec. 2003
Rezac Donald Lodgepole Valley Sams Oct 2003
Dinslogee Duane Meadowlark Sams July 2003
Bray Floyd Mid Neb/Second Chance July   2003
Stuck Laura Red Willow Sams Sept 2003
Hansen Oleo Sandhill Campers Aug 2003
Ford Bud Second Chance Sams Aug 2003
Oyler Abba Second Chance Sams Nov 2003
Spencer Mary Swingin’ Sams Nov 2003
Koziol Clarence Two City Sams   2003
Ohle Barb Two City Sams   2003
Chlupacek Chuck Two City Sams June 2003
Hack Phyllis Capitol Sams Jan 2004
Oehm George Chapter At Large Feb 2004
Cooper George Elkhorn Valley Sams Nov 2004
Arnall Bill Hoppin Sams Jan 2004
Sampson Ray Hoppin’ Sams   2004
Borg Sterling Logan Valley Sams Apr 2004
Pence Joyce Loup Valley,Second Chance Sandhill Campers, Forks of The Platte State Chaplain June 2004
Bray Delores Mid NE Sams Dec 2004
Clapp Bud Red Willow Sams Mar 2004
Friehe Irma Red Willow Sams Mar 2004
Fleecs Lila Sandhill Campers Apr 2004
Pence Jim Sandhill Sams Oct 2004
Dietze Aldine Swingin’ Sams Nov 2004
Christensen Janet Swingin’ Sams Nov 2004
Hlavanicka Beverly Two City Sams Oct 2004
Schlueter Marilyn Two City Sams Nov 2004
Safranek Bernie Two City Sams Oct 2004
Kaar Donald Chapter at Large Aug 2005
Hoffman Eileen Chapter at Large & Sandhill Campers Aug 2005
Sloggett Gene Hoppin’ Sams Nov 2005
Gamble Beth Hoppin’ Sams July 2005
Plantz Mary Lodgepole Valley Sams Oct 2005
Rhodes June Logan Valley Sams Aug 2005
Gitchel Jolley Mid NE Sams Mar 2005
Bohacek Evelyn Pathfinder Sams July 2005
Sefrna Betty Pathfinder Sams May 2005
Friehe Ellsworth Red Willow Sams Sept 2005
Daniel Dave Two City Sams Feb 2005
Meirath Aileen Chapter at Large Nov 2006
Brehm Vernon Hoppin’ Sams Feb 2006
Eckles John W. Leisure Lovin’ Sams July 2006
Lambert Bill Leisure Lovin’ Sams St Director 1978-1982 June 2006
Wheeler Gene Lodgepole Valley Sams Feb 2006
Glissman Floyd H. Logan Valley Sams Oct 2006
Nykodym Ervin Pathfinder Sams Nov 2006
Hahn Pat Pathfinder Sams July 2006
Prehl Ray Platte Valley Sams Mar 2006
Waddell Francis Red Willow Sams Jan 2006
Houghton Lucille Red Willow Sams July 2006
Davis Phyllis Second Chance Sams May 2006
Pope Norm Swingin’ Sams St. Secretary Oct 2006
Korte Darlene Blue River Sams Sept 2007
Daniels Jim Blue River/Road Runner Mar 2007
Carlson Zettie Chapter at Large Nov 2007
Salinas Lee Chapter at Large July 2007
Schram Barbara Chapter at Large June 2007
Borgaard Wanda Golden Rod Sams Feb 2007
Linstrom Fred Hoppin’ Sams Sept 2007
Lichty Larry Meadowlark Sams Jan 2007
Dyson Dorothy Pathfinder Sams May 2007
Emarine Harold Sandhill Campers Mar 2007
Young Jim Sandhill Sams Nov 2007
Spencer Paul Swingin’ Sams Nov 2007
Gillispe Harold Swingin’ Sams Dec 2007
Staton Ann Wagon Wheel Sams May 2007
Hartley Eva Catherine Wagonwheel Sams Mar 2007
Vosler Margaret Capitol Sams May 2008
Barrett Clyde Elden ‘Red’ Chapter at Large July 2008
Conklin Norma Chapter at Large Dec 2008
Peters Jim Hoppin’ Sams Mar 2008
Adams Kyle Lodgepole Valley Sams Nov 2008
Schmitt Idella Lodgepole Valley Sams July 2008
Schmelzer Royal Sandhill Campers June 2008
Hamilton Janice Two City Sams Apr 2008
Adelmann Vi Chapter at Large   2009
Cassel James C. Elkhorn Campers Mar 2009
Hodges Hodges Husker Sams Jan 2009
Olivirs Ray Lodgepole Valley Sams June 2009
Adams Nel Lodgepole Valley Sams Oct 2009
Bowman Gene Lodgepole Valley Sams Apr 2009
Keil Mary Lodgepole Valley Sams May 2009
Sybrant Margaret Loup Valley Sams Apr 2009
Lang George Loup Valley Sams June 2009
Strohl Don Loup Valley Sams Aug 2009
Junkin Vaun Mid Ne/Second Chance St. Dir. 1993-1996 Feb 2009
Timperley Marge No Chapter Nov 2009
Wolta Elmer Pathfinder Sams June 2009
Shears Elda Sandhill Campers Feb 2009
Starr Tom Sandhills/Second Chance Aug 2009
Jenkins Neil Second Chance Sams Mar 2009
Ohle Gordon Sioux City Sams Feb 2009
Wenthe George Sioux City Sams Feb 2009
Schanaman Jack Wagonwheel Sams Jan 2009
Marsdon Rajean Leisure Lovin’ Sams May 2010
Brummond Carol Logan Valley Sams Dec 2010
Strohl Arlene Loop Valley Sams June 2010
Cooper Dale Loup Valley Sams   2010
Maseley Russell Loup Valley Sams Nov 2010
Petersen Betty Meadowlark Sams June 2010
Oyler Phil Mid Ne/Second Chance May 2010
Stutzman Jeanette No Chapter May 2010
Stevens Jean No Chapter Nov 2010
Hahn Tom Pathfinder Sams Oct 2010
Schlacter Mel Second Chance Sams Jan 2010
Deselms Irma Second Chance Sams July 2010
Olsen Verne Second Chance Sams Nov 2010
Welling Glen Swingin’ Sams Jan 2010
Brown Walt Swingin’ Sams Sept 2010
Badders Rosie Swingin’ Sams Oct 2010
Welling Betty Swingin’ Sams Apr 2010
Cooney Marilyn Swingin’ Sams Sept 2010
Bleck Lorraine Blue River/Road Runner Mar 2011
Byers Fred Chapter at Large June 2011
Burchell Marjorie Goldenrod Sams Apr 2011
Jorgensen Gail Goldenrod Sams Jan 2011
Andreason Cecil Logan Valley Sams Dec 2011
Studebaker Cecil Logan Valley Sams Feb 2011
Morgan JB Loup Valley Sams Sept 2011
Sefrna, Sr. Marvin Pathfinder Sams Jan 2011
Bradley Gwen Pathfinder Sams June 2011
Prokes Stanley Pathfinder Sams Apr 2011
Scheer Lenora Pathfinder Sams July 2011
Lambert Jane Second Chance Sams St Dir -78-82 Mar 2011
Moyer Marta Second Chance/Mid NE Dec 2011
Timm Melvin Swingin’ Sams July 2011
McCarthy Tom Wagonwheel Sams Apr 2011
Brockemeier Walter Elkhorn Valley Sams May 2012
Bell Chester Elkhorn Valley Sams Dec 2012
Marsden Joe Leisure Lovin’ Sams Jan 2012
Wenkler Delbert Leisure Lovin’ Sams St Dir Nov 2012
Wiegand Lucille Lodgepole Sams Apr 2012
Schwendt David Lodgepole Valley Sams May 2012
Tondreau Ed Loup Valley Sams Nov 2012
Eggers Kenny Meadowlark Sams Feb 2012
Gitchell Phillip Mid NE Sams July 2012
Hazlett Grant Mid Ne/Second Chance May 2012
Keiser Daryl Sandhill Campers June 2012
Tatten Jasper Sandhills Sams Apr 2012
Anderson Andy Second Chance Sams Nov 2012
Moyer Bob Second Chance/Mid NE Mar 2012
Junkins Doris Second Chance/Mid NE Dir 93-96 Jan 2012
Voss Ken Two City Sams June 2012
Kendall Gary Two City Sams Nov 2012
Feese Gene Wildcat Hills/Wagonwheel Mar 2012
Disney Lyle Blue River Sams June 2013
Warford Norman Elkhorn Valley Sams Jan 2013
Peterson Darivin (Pete) Elkhorn Valley Sams Feb 2013
Brockemeier Shirley Elkhorn Valley Sams July 2013
Deisley Marvin Goldenrod Sams Jan 2013
Meyer Don Logan Valley Sams Jan 2013
Gries Doug Pathfinder Sams Dir Nov 2013
Lindell Curt Swingin’ Sams Mar 2013
Schuman Marvin Swingin’ Sams Apr 2013
Brown Marlene Swingin’ Sams Nov 2013
Peterson Ken Wagon Wheel Sams Jan 2013
Kriman Betty Jo Wagonwheel Sams June 2013
Cartwright Richard Chapter at Large Mar 2014
Brachle Bob Elkhorn Valley Sams May 2014
Page Rod Goldenrod Sams Feb 2014
Jorgensen Bill Goldenrod Sams Aug 2014
Peterson Jim Loup Valley/Second Chance Feb 2014
Frauen Bernice Mid Ne/Platte Valley Second Chance Sams Mar 2014
Reandeau Dale Pathfinder Sams May 2014
Meenan Jean Pathfinder/Second Chance Mar 2014
DeVriendt Arlus Swingin’ Sams Dec 2014
Skow Dwight Capitol Sams Aug 2015
Baer Kate Elkhorn Valley Sams Feb 2015
Sybrant Lester Loup Valley Sams Spring 2015
Peterson Sally Loup Valley Sams Aug 2015
Gitt Judy Elkhorn Valley Sams Feb 2016
Nelson Donna Loup Valley Sams Feb 2016
Meenan Allan Pathfinder/Second Chance Feb 2016
DeVroemdt Robert Swingin’ Sams Feb 2016
Hamilton Liz Two City Sams Mar 2016
Christsensen E. Jean   Feb 2016
Lafferty Virgil Red Willow Sams   Unknown
Stohler Shirley Logan Valley Sams September 2016
Vitek Edward Elkhorn Valley Sams September 2016
Fredrickson Mary Elkhorn Valley Sams November 2016
Heusman Bill Loup Valley Sams & 2nd Chance Sams December 2016
Nelson Gene Loup Valley Sams January 2017
Peterson Dorothe Elkhorn Valley Sams February 2017
Binegar Chet Wagon Wheel Sams & Sandhill Sams March 2017
Kruger David Mid Nebraska Sams March 2017
Tvrdy Arthur (Art) Two City Sams May 2017
Hintz Larry Elkhorn Valley Sams May 2017
Beckman Charlene Elkhorn Valley Sams October 2017
Hansen Donal Capital Sams October 2017
Schutte Leon Pathfinder Sams April 2018
Fraley Theresa Mid NE Sams May 2018
Banghart Alvin Wagon Wheel Sams & Second Chance Sams June 2018
Prochaska Wemdell Swinging Sams June 2018
Hastings Homer Pathfinder Sams June 2018
Petersen Marilyn Wagon Wheel Sams August 2018

Bud Swinging Sams April 2019
Gieselman Lawrence Logan Valley Sams April 2019
Slocum Robert Loup Valley Sams April 2019

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