Wagon Wheel Good Sam November Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter of the Wagon Wheel Good Sam
Around the Camp Fire
Our last campout for the season had 4 rigs at Robidoux for the weekend. We were all up early to get the coffee and donuts ready for the motorcycle riders in the Knights of Columbus annual toy run. Since we had been getting reports of heavy winds moving in Saturday night into Sunday 3 of the rigs decided to pull out and come back in their cars for the evening meal and meeting. Since Linda and I are so close we decided to stay so we could make fun of the party poopers when they came back and we (I) did. Got home Sunday in time to winterize the MH again. Now to install the new ‘fridge.

I talked to Jeannette about the Christmas dinner and found out they have posted the menu on their web site. I made copies and attached them. Although there are 6 pages, I only copied the first three. It gets expensive on page 4. Jeanette has a room reserved at the Civic Center for 1:00pm on Dec 21st. Please let me know if you are going to be there so we can get a count to the Civic center.

Dennis & Sharon will be our hosts in November and are planning a soup supper. I will cook up some Chile. Please call Sharon to see what you can bring.

A big thank you to Brenda and LeRoy for hosting. That was some good basghetti. I saw several people go back for thirds and fourths. I was in line with them.

Vice President Bob Boots called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. We had 11 rigs answer roll call.

Jim read the minutes from the last meeting. Bonita made a motion to accept as read and Doris second. Motion carried.

Jim gave the treasurer’s report with Bonita making the motion to accept. Cap second the motion and it carried.

Old Business – We briefly talked about the toy run and some thought it was a disaster, but I talked to the new group that has taken over and they are enthused and are trying to build it back to where it used to be. It is a good cause and I hope they can grow it. Harry made a motion to have the Christmas dinner at noon. After discussing, Char made an amended motion to have it at 1:00. The motion was seconded by Roy and it passed. I sure hope we have our minds made up. Every other month we change the time for the meal and meeting. DUES ARE DUE.

New Business – We need ideas for next year’s campouts.

The 50/50 was won by Doris and John. Don’t y’all spend it all in one place. Bob thanked LeRoy & Brenda for hosting this month and we gave them a round of applause. I wonder if they would consider being permanent host. The food sure was good.

We had one guest this month and it was Char’s brother Gary.

There being no further business, Bart made a motion to adjourn and Curt second. Unanimous vote.


John Kreman – 7
Marcia Boots – 18

Curt & Connie Ernst – 22

That’s all for this month. Hope you can make it to the November get together at 6:00 on the 16th.

Happy Trails

Jim & Linda

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