Wagon Wheel November 2020

Monthly Newsletter of the Wagon Wheel Good Sam

Around the Campfire

In October we had the best turn out at Robidoux so far this year. Some of our friends that we have not seen in a long time were there. It sure was good to see and talk with them.

Thursday night the campers went to the Log Cabin for supper and on Friday we had Bart go get Pizza for the crowd. Then everyone stayed and played games or just watched. Saturday evening, we had a carry in and as usual if you went away hungry, you only had yourself to blame. Thank you, Bonita, for filling in for Charlene as host this weekend. Sunday morning everything was covered in ice and Cap fell getting out of his rv, but I understand he didn’t hurt anything on the trailer.

Our host for the November 21st dinner is Dale and Charlene Manke. Charlene said she is cooking a pot roast so bring something to go with that or a desert. We will be sitting down at 6:00 for another fantastic meal with friends.

Although we did not have a meeting, Sharon reminded everyone that we need to think about where we want to go for next year’s campouts. We will decide in November for 2021 and who the hosts will be for next year.

The menu for Christmas dinner is Prime Rib or Shrimp. Please let Jim know your choice so he can pass it along to the Civic Center. The Christmas dinner is Saturday, December 12th at noon.

The Knights of Columbus toy run has been delayed because of COVID-19. The Rompus Room has re-organized it and will do the run on Saturday, Nov 14th. The Gregory’s and Vance’s are supplying donuts and we will supply coffee. If you want to join in and wish them well, we will be there about 7:00 to get the coffee perking.

We thanked Bonita with a round of applause and headed off into the darkness.


Birthdays & Anniversaries


7 – John Kreman
18 – Marcia Boots

10/18 – Ross & Donna (sorry I missed Y’all last month)
22 – Curt & Connie

A New Set of Geezer Rules

I hit the golf ball any way I can and laugh if it goes in the lake. That’s the breaks. I’m just happy I can still hit that golf ball.
As I’ve aged, I’ve become kinder to myself, and less critical of myself. I’ve become my own friend. I have seen too many dear friends leave this world, too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging.
Whose business is it, if I choose to read, or play on the computer until 4 AM or sleep until noon? I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 50, 60 & 70’s, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love, I will.
I will walk the beach, in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves, with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set. They too, will get old
I know I am sometimes forgetful. But there again, some of life is just as well forgotten. And, I eventually remember the important things
Sure, over the years, my heart has been broken. How can your heart not break, when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody’s beloved pet passes? But, broken hearts are what give us strength, and understanding, and compassion. A heart never broken, is pristine, and sterile, and will never know the joy of being imperfect.
I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turning gray, and to have my youthful laughs be forever etched into deep grooves on my face. So many have never laughed, and so many have died before their hair could turn silver.
As you get older, it is easier to be positive. You care less about what other people think. I don’t question myself anymore. I’ve even earned the right to be wrong.
So, to answer your question, I like being old. It has set me free. I like the person I have become. I am not going to live forever, but while I am still here, I will not waste time lamenting what could have been, or worrying about what will be. And I shall eat dessert every single day (if I feel like it).


Happy Trails

Jim & Linda

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